Strange Finnish Emojis and Their Meanings

At the end of 2015, Finland became the first country to launch its own collection of emojis, with each of the 49 emojis representing Finnish culture and identity in some way. While the meaning of these emojis might be crystal clear to a Finn, the average foreigner may have a difficult time understanding some of the icons. As I’m sure you’re all curious, I have decided to explain a few of these emojis to you. You can thank me later. 😉

  • Unbreakable

intext 1

If one day a huge comet crashes on Earth and kills all humanity, the only proof that life ever existed on this planet will be the Nokia 3310-phones. Somehow, these things would still remain intact through the worst apocalypse imaginable. They are simply legendary.

  • Sauna whisk

intext 2

It may look like an innocent green bouquet, but this is not something you put in a vase… this is a staple in every Finnish sadomasochist’s tool kit. Just kidding. Maybe. But seriously – Finnish people like to hit themselves (and each other) with birch branches in the sauna. Not only is it quite fun, it also gets your blood circulation going!

  • Kalsarikännit

emoji-kalsarikannit_m_intext 3

Us Finns are the only people in the world with a word for getting drunk at home in your underwear: kalsarikännit. It’s not sad or desperate… it’s culture. (Or at least that’s what we tell ourselves).

  • Happiness

intext 4

Nothing makes a Finn happier than seeing Sweden lose – in anything. There is even a saying that goes: “The most important thing isn’t that Finland wins, but that Sweden loses”. No further explanation necessary.

  • Torilla tavataan

intext 5

The only time you will ever see Finns getting together and openly sharing their joy in a sea of strangers is when they win an ice hockey-tournament. The tradition is to go to the local market square (torilla tavataan, ‘see you at the market square’) where you yell, sing and drink – especially if you won against Sweden (see previous point).

So, there you go – a little piece of Finnish culture, customs and words to brighten up your day. You can find all of the Finland emojis here!






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