Student Jobs

As studying demands more and more time and is getting more and more expensive, it is difficult to enjoy the Dolce Vita of college without working at the same time. Rent, parties and academic resources of all kinds, the total can quickly be of significant amount!

A job…
A master degree? 5 years. A Ph.D. ? 8 years. Engineer school? 5 to 7 years. A bachelor degree? 3 years. Studying takes time to say the least. Yet you do need to support yourself…somehow. In Paris, you will need about €1,000 a month, about half as much in other French cities. Even if parents can give their offspring a boost, it remains quite unlikely that they can afford to support them with the full amount. In England you would need around €1,200 if you live in London or greater London, slightly less elsewhere. In Germany, an average of €850 a month is needed, however expect to spend up to €300 extra in cities like Hamburg, Munich or Cologne. Berlin remains fairly cheap due to inexpensive rents.

An internship…
It is getting more common to be compelled to a 3 to 6 month internship during your education, should it be in your country of residence or abroad. Either way, it is not an easy task to find an employer that matches your career and, should it happen, you will have to prove yourself convincing using attractive CVs, flattering cover letters and dynamic interviews. Without your diploma yet in hand, you need to be twice as much persuasive. A paradox when you consider that interns are to work for free or at low rates. In France you can hope for, at best, 15% of the minimum wages. In Great-Britain, you can work for free for as long as 12 months. In Germany, the average income for an intern is €400.

Cheer up, in spite of all those obstacles, many associations are out there to help you go through your first professional steps. Among them, Student Job is full of student jobs and internship positions. The number of companies they are in partnership with would satisfy the most demanding students. You may also consider working in Europe – Student Job is indeed located in countries such as France, Spain or Germany!


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