Student Life vs. Work Life: Which one would win your time?

As I started to work full-time for the first time in my life, many things have changed. But that doesn’t mean it’s been bad changes. I keep hearing my peers talking about how they want to stay in college for the rest of their lives. The question is: what actually motivates us to keep studying? Why are young people scared of working 8 hours per day?

The student life seems really exciting, especially when you’ve just started. Freshmen welcoming parties is your main activity, at the beginning no homework is assigned, and you have all the time to eagerly meet as many new people as possible. Moreover, during your studies you realise you don’t need to attend every lecture; you have plenty of time to waste. The spectrum of choices is endless – you can choose classes, teachers or even friends according to your preferences. Everything looks just like a paradise that no one wants to leave. However, there is a huge BUT. If you don’t come from some kind of a royal family, college will be an extra expense for your parents, and monthly-received pocket money can hardly sustain all your extracurricular activities. Obviously you can’t live this way forever.

On the other side of life lies the so-called work life. It is the stage in your life when your work consumes most of your time. That sounds really demanding, as well as boring. Yet the opposite can be true. Of course, changes and beginnings are always harsh, but when you get used to a routine and are able to schedule your time properly, you will find more time for yourself than you thought during the first few weeks of working. Moreover, you will enjoy every moment of your leisure time, choose only meaningful activities, become more effective and eventually less bored. Furthermore, your independence is rising day by day, and not only financially.

That seems like a perfect future, doesn’t it? Nevertheless, there is a catch. In order to live happily ever after you have to like your work. Boom. Wow. What a surprise. The issue is how you can find the desired job. The solution is simple – you have to work on yourself before even applying for the job, for instance by studying the appropriate major. The meaning of studying at a college is not to enjoy a few years of ‘full’ happiness, but to find the job you will enjoy doing even after you finish your studies. That’s the reason why you study, isn’t it?


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