Summertime: a time to be happy

While the Europeans are taking their thick coats out of their wardrobes and beginning to get ready for the snow, people in Brazil are progressively getting used to what will become the highest temperatures and the longest days of the year. Since 17th October, it is summer time in most of the 5th biggest land in the world: last Saturday night, Brazilian families set their clocks forward by one hour.

Summer time in Brazil lasts until 20th February and during this period Lula and his ministers are expecting to reduce the consumption of electricity by 5% – around 320 megawatts for each hour, which corresponds to the amount of energy needed for a city with more than 4,000 000 inhabitants. Because of the time switch, the Brazilians are supposed to enjoy the daylight longer, which can reduce the demand especially during peak time – between 7 and 9 pm, when most people arrive at home, take a shower and turn on their air conditioners, for example, at the same time as public lighting is turned on.

Despite 2006, when the summer time had to be postponed because of the elections, this year the second round (on 30th October) didn´t modify the calendar. According to the authorities, the voting machines were already programmed to switch to summer time automatically.

Although there is some general excitement caused by the arrival of the summer time, the feeling is not unanimous. Some people protest – during this period, they do not sleep well and cannot get up early in the morning without feeling tired the whole day long. However, neurologists say there is no proof indicating the connection between a good night’s sleep and the summer time. Good for those who enjoy the sun light after their hard day of work and thus make the summer time more pleasurable.


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