Sunrise from the top of the Volcano

October is ending really soon! It means the autumn will be replaced by the winter really soon as well. Many people in Europe are preparing for this season now. The season means snow, thick jacket and of course low temperature. Meanwhile in Indonesia, a country which just has got two seasons, which are rainy and hot season, many people are preparing themselves with agenda and planning to celebrate the end of the year travelling to some places that raise the adrenaline up. One of the most popular destination is mountain trekking. Not just a mountain but an active volcano.

One of the most popular destinations amongst local and international visitors for trekking is Mount Bromo which is located in Malang City in the East Java Province. Mount Bromo is an active volcano and well known as the icon of East Java tourism. Mount Bromo may be not as big as other volcanoes in other regions in Indonesia but the view around the mountain is astonishing and beautiful. The grace of Mount Bromo has become an attraction to many people to climb the mountain. Mostly, people who come to Mount Bromo are looking for a special moment, special moment when the sun rises from the eastern part of the earth and illuminates the earth of East Java. The moment of the rising sun is an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Other things that attract people to come to Mount Bromo is the trekking. Compare to other volcanoes in Indonesia, the trekking around Mount Bromo is quite “easy” to do. Others might require extra exercises, extra energy and experience to climb, however in Mount Bromo the trekker or the climber can climb without any particular skills. When reaching the top of Mount Bromo there are many facilities offered to the trekkers by the local administrator. If you are not able to do the long walk during the trekking, you can rent a horse or jeep that can help you to reach the top. There are some routes you can pass through either by horse or jeep. But professional trekkers would rather reach the top of Mount Bromo by passing through the difficult one or they won’t feel the “taste of the adventure” or challenge by passing through the easy trek. The most famous top of Mount Bromo is Mount Pananjakan top. From the top of this mountain you can enjoy the sunrises from the east horizon of Indonesia. Seeing the sunrise from the top of the mountain obviously is an interesting and mollifying experience. Many people intentionally climb the Mount Bromo in the night time just to wait for the precious moment when the dawn touches the earth.

Have you ever done any trekking before? If so, please share your experience with us by giving your comment below 🙂 If not, are you interested to see the sunrise from the top of volcano?

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