Super Amazing Books – Part 2

Agatha Christie – And then there were none

Which is the best-selling crime story of all time? And one of the best-selling books in general outsold only by Lord of the Rings and a few others? It is this masterpiece by the Queen of Crime herself. Released in the UK in 1939, its original title was Ten little niggers, politically quite incorrect, by today’s standards. Ten people are lured to an island, under various pretexts. Some receive an invitation to a summer holiday, some getting a job offer. Seemingly, all invitations had been dispatched by different persons. Now, a killer takes them out one by one. Who will be left? This story is so intricately and ingeniously woven and so dense, I read it almost in one go, after a whole exhausting day at school, trying to keep my eyes open until my eyelids faltered. Will you make it at the first onset?


Alexandre Dumas – The Count of Monte Cristo

Set in the aftermath of the French Revolution, this novel by French writer Alexandre Dumas is an epic story of revenge. A young sailor, Edmond Dantès, returns to Marseille and is about to be promoted to the rank of captain. Being in love with the beautiful Mercédès, conjugal felicity seems close at hand. If it were not for a few of his envious friends who manage to scheme against Edmond and have him convicted for a crime he did not commit. He gets incarcerated in Château d’If, a fortress on an island not far from Marseille harbor. Although no one had escaped from that prison before, he finds a way to flee. During his captivity, he met an old and wise man who revealed the secret of an immense treasure to him. Now, at large and endowed with riches beyond all measure, he strives to wreak revenge on his former friends.

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R.A. Salvatore – Homeland

Never does a star grace this land with a poet’s light of twinkling mysteries , nor does the sun send to here its rays of warmth and life’. In the Underdark, a gloomy world far beneath the surface of the land of Faerun, there live the Drow, a vicious race of dark elves who excel in double-crossing, insidious assassinations and malicious schemes. Amidst this depravity, the righteous Drizzt Do’Urden learns to despise the evil ways of his kin. While his kinsfolk serves the wicked spider queen goddess Lloth and tries to please her, Drizzt becomes more and more alienated from the drow society. Only by becoming a master swordsman can he survive…




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