Survival Guide and Phrasebook Launched on

We at the language portal are constantly developing new products. Keeping the site up to date and helping language lovers all over the world is our main aim. We have recently launched two more great new products, which we want to tell you about so you can make the most of them!

Our downloadable survival guide contains the most important words and phrases needed when travelling abroad. It is available in 14 different languages. With all possible language combinations, we ended up with over 500 PDF’s in total!

It includes a conversation survival guide with helpful phrases for everything from asking where the train station is to ordering in a restaurant.

The complaints survival guide is very useful if you want to express dissatisfaction with services while abroad. There are phrases for complaints in hotels, restaurants and for problems with rental cars and travel.

Aside from conversation and complaints, there is also a computer survival guide which could come in very useful when trying to figure out what foreign computer commands mean while sitting in an Internet cafe abroad.

The phrasebook is our second great new product, and was inspired by many of our users who suggested we add a helpful resource for writing in a foreign language. It contains hundreds of useful phrases for applications, academic use, business and personal use and is also available in 14 languages.

Have you ever needed to write a letter of application in another language but didn’t know where to start? Or needed to know what phrases and headings to use when writing a CV? If so then the applications phrasebook is just what you’ve been looking for.

If you study a foreign language then the academic phrasebook section could be very useful for you. It contains translations of common phrases found in essays and papers. It gives examples of how to cite, compare subjects or conclude an academic paper.

The business phrasebook gives translations of the most common phrases used in business. It gives examples which can be used for emails, invoices, orders and many other forms of business correspondence.

Last but certainly not least, the personal phrasebook is a category for personal correspondence. It includes templates for how to write invitations and announcements. It also gives useful phrases for expressing best wishes on various occasions such as the birth of a child, birthdays and condolences. The corresponding descriptions next to each phrase act as a guideline to show whether the phrase is formal or informal.

So whether you need to know survival phrases for going abroad or you are searching for inspiration for a good starting sentence for your essay can help you on your way!

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