Sweden as a Global Foodland

Sweden is not known as a gourmet food destination in any sense, but they want to become one, and there are some individuals who have already begun to focus on how it will happen.

About a month ago, I was sitting on a plane from Germany to Chicago and flipped through British Airways ” High Life Magazine.” Usually, airplane magazines are just filled with various tourist articles or lists of how to travel around if you have way too much money. But something in particular caught my eye, it was called “Gourmet Sweden.” As a Swede, I was interested in discovering why Sweden was not yet considered gourmet in. The caption to the article read: “Stockholm has an insatiable ambition to become Europe’s latest gourmet destination. We meet with Michelin-star chefs who are being radically reinventing the country’s cuisine.”

Today Swedish food culture exists primarily in Sweden, and perhaps as far as IKEA restaurants around the world. Sweden has its traditional dishes that are included in the smorgasbord such as meatballs, ham, homemade sausages, different kinds of fish or seafood dishes, lingonberry jam, mulled wine, along with many more. There is also a culture of pastry baking around Christmas, Easter and Midsummer including gingerbread, cookies biscuits, cake and more. In larger cities, there are fine dining options and expert chefs, but not as it is in Italy or France, where people around the world travel there with the expectation of unique, gourmet food. Sweden would like to focus on strengthening its tourist experience with a renewed food culture.

According to Jordbruksverket “[Swedish] government has a vision of Sweden becoming the new food nation in Europe. It is a vision that is about good food, world-class experiences and rural habitats. But it is also about jobs and new businesses. At least ten thousand new jobs, a doubling of food exports and more touristic nights in the countryside are some of the goals we aim to achieve.”

British Airways’ High Life magazine article “Gourmet Sweden”:http://www.bahighlife.com/Food-And-Drink/Gourmet-Sweden.html

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Food is something everyone needs to survive, and food culture is something that everyone has an opinion on. Please share your views about Swedish food in the comments.


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