Swedish Easter


So. Easter.

What do the Swedes’ do for Easter? Well, the kids are off school. For a week. What people get up to though, differs widely. It would be a shame to say that we are religious in Sweden. Never before have so many people left the Swedish Church as in the past years, but that is more of a side note.

When I was little and still went to pre-school it was the whole nine yards. Blow eggs, paint eggs, boil eggs, eat eggs even crush an egg or two. The Easter Bunny made himself known in his own chocolaty way. Then there was the pointless hanging of feathers on branches. For some reason yellow chickens seemed to be a central theme.

What I ask myself is: why the whole circus? I think I may have learned something at school about Easter being about some guy who died, but then he didn’t, but kind of did anyway. I have trouble connecting the dots and getting from the whole Easter hoopla to an almost-definitely-maybe dead guy. The whole Easter hoopla, for those of you who have missed it, is: bunnies (shagging) + eggs (fertility) = spring festival.

Oh well.

Today Easter in Sweden doesn’t mean much more than any other holiday. The kids are off school and getting up to no good. Teenagers trying to get drunk. And adults trying to get up the next day, after being drunk.

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