Swedish Number Plates

Now we get to Sweden in this article series on number plates. Compared to other countries Sweden is rather boring when it comes to number plates, but it is a simple and easy system.

There are three letters and three numbers. These have no meaning what. so. ever. Except that the last digit designates at what time of the year one needs to get the vehicle inspected. A number plate is fixed to a vehicle and then it sits there. It doesn’t matter who drives the car, owns the car, buys the car or sells the car. After a car is registered it near on needs to either be exported or scrapped for it to lose its plate. A really simple system.

In Sweden you can also have personal plates made. Completely individual. If your name is Steve, and Steve is not taken, then you could pay the 5.000 SEK and drive around with Steve written on your car for the next five years. This is becoming more and more popular for some reason. Since this plate actually is personal all you need to do is register which number plate you will be replacing and presto, personal plates!

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