Swiss iPhone

As a foreigner who lived in Switzerland for a while, I couldn´t help but notice that some of the stereotypes I had heard about this country were an important part of my daily life there. Before going there, Switzerland for me was all about chocolate, cheese, cows, banks, watches and pocket knives – aka Swiss army knives. After my stay in Switzerland I learned a bit more – but the clichés are still somehow true.

Let´s see then what would be interesting iPhone applications that would make the Swiss buy it right away.

  • High German converter: No need to torture yourself trying to speak ‘High German’ (from Germany). You only have to put your iPhone close to your mouth and speak whatever you want in Swiss German, so that the iPhone will automatically convert it into High German. This way your professor, boss or even a guest from Germany will be impressed and even forget they are in a country where the dialect is the real language.
  • Skiing advisor: Want to go skiing but can´t decide in which of the amazing Swiss mountains to go? iPhone is there for you! It tells you the weather conditions in any ski location in the country – and also if the places are crowded with tourists trying to learn how to ski (or if they are free for the skiing experts like you).
  • Punctuality Relaxer: No need to be nervous if the bus/train/tram is more than 1 minute late! It is probably rare that a delay will happen in Switzerland, but in case it does the iPhone will help you keep you calm during these moments of extreme impatience by finding the exact tool that will keep you thinking of something else.
  • Sore throat healer: If your throat still insists on hurting after a day of pronouncing Swiss words like “Chuchichäschtli” or “Chäschüechli”, iPhone has the solution! With the new sore throat healer all you need is to put the iPhone close to your throat and it will do all the healing work for you. This way you will still be able to yodel on the mountains all day long.
  • Swiss Army Knife version 2.0: Don´t want to carry your “Victorinox” wherever you go? The Swiss iPhone has the multi-function tool that contains everything you may need from the army knife – and even better: has a sensor to identify which tool is the right one to open/cut/saw/write/light/etc your needs!
  • Cowbell locator: Did your cow lose its bell? No worries! The new Swiss iPhone comes with an application that identifies each cowbell and uses its GPS system to instantly locate the cowbell, within a radius of 850 meters. No longer will any of your cows have to remain bell-less! (Note: Please buy separately a GPS unit for each cowbell, available soon at a store near you.)

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