Take a step back and cover your ears, It’s Big Bang day

Finally a celebration for atheists. After days like Christmas where the Christians celebrate the beginning of their time, the atheists now have a day to celebrate the theory of the Big Bang, which F.Y.I supposedly happened 13.699.999.999 years ago. Don’t ask me how long that is, cause I do languages, not numbers. Just way back in the day.

It all started in the Netherlands where a psychologist during the Christmas celebrations of 2011 thought it was about time there was a day to celebrate the beginning of the earth. This day will be celebrated on the first day of spring (21st of March). The philosophy of this day is to remember ‘the beginning of everything and everything that followed it’. Another thing that is supposed to be celebrated on this day is the ‘triumph of the free and inquiring mind’.

To make sure that internationally it will be celebrated in the same way there are a few things that you have to do:

  • Wear whatever you want, you are totally free to do whatever on this day. I think it is best to dress hot, like the Big Bang itself.
  • BALLOONS, they are always fun. Why not? And you could even see it as a visualization of the universe.
  • Let your brain free, create something new, preferably in a group. Make a sculpture or a painting or even a symphony.
  • Party time! With a party comes alcohol and Big Bang day is not complete without its own signature drink. It’s a shot called Bang! and it contains 2/3 Wodka, 1/3 Sambuca and 7 drops of Tabasco as representation of the Big Bang.
  • And to close this day, why not procreate? Or just practice. It is not called Big Bang day for nothing.

This day is not really a thing yet, but wouldn’t it be great if it were?


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