Tantalizing Trails of the Spanish World

Is the sunshine making you restless? Are you feeling like an adventure? Even if not, once you take a look at these gorgeous hikes and destinations you will feel the wanderlust, or ganas de senderismo. Some are only for those with mountaineering experience, but others are all inclusive. No matter what, here are a few of the many trails that offer a way to experience Hispanic countries through the lovely outdoors.

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  • Inca Trail (Peru)
    Starting off with the most famous, there is the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu, located in Peru. This world-renowned hike has different options in terms of routes to take, with varying intensities. Sometimes called a bucket-list item, this hike offers spectacular views of Andes, and culminates with the Incan ruins of Macchu Picchu—voted to be one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.
  • Camino de Santiago (Spain)
    This pilgrimage, sometimes called the Way of St. James in English, can be extended almost as short or long as you want it to be (though a minimum of 100 km is recommended). With its scallop shell symbol guiding the way, this trail can be done for spiritual growth, but also as a way to take some time getting reacquainted with yourself and the world around you. It ends at the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, a lovely city in northern Spain.
  • W-Trail (Chile)
    The Torres del Paine National Park in Chile is considered one of the most beautiful treks in Patagonia. Trek is the right word though, as depending on which route you take this scenic hike might require both time and preparation. The highlight of the W, beyond every moment of its splendor, is the Torres after which the park is named.

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  • Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Colombia)
    Feeling more Caribbean? This tropical rainforest national park offers luscious adventure, including a lost city (Ciudad Perdida) that can be visited with guides. Colombia has a wealth of spectacular trails, and this is just one of the options.
  • Montserrat (Spain)
    This hike can be shortened with a gondola and a funicular for those not prepared to do the entire 1,236 meters to the highest point by foot. With a beautiful monastery as well as fantastic views, Montserrat is located just a ways outside of Barcelona and well worth a day trip if you’re anywhere nearby!

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  • Los Glaciares National Park (Argentina)
    Rather have it frosty? This awe-inspiring national park is almost a third covered in ice, and home to the largest ice cap outside Antarctica and Greenland. Here you can find not just the glaciers the park is named after and rock climbing galore, but also tranquil lakes and walkways.
  • Santa Cruz Trek (Peru)
    Though small, Peru has an abundance of gorgeous hiking opportunities. Recommended by National Geographic this hike is for those looking for altitude. It is a great chance to explore the Cordillera Blanca, or Peruvian Andes, and a chance to discover Peru beyond Macchu Picchu.

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  • Atacama Desert (Chile)
    This gorgeous plateau is a unique experience to explore. Though desert may sound daunting, hiking here is said to be unforgettable, and there are many ways to go with a guide. The Atacama offers an astounding landscape to admire including salt flats and lava beds, as well as geysers and some of the biggest astronomical observatories in the world.




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