Technology fan, book lover or both?

When television came up, a few decades ago, many people said that the radio would disappear. Many others thought that “the black box” was a useless invention and that would not last long. As years went by both statements have proved to be wrong. The radio has not disappeared and the television, still very popular, is always reinventing itself.
However, since the Internet emerged, changes in the media have been happening faster. As new technologies emerge the old media are put on trial again.

Today, it can be said that the debate revolves around the continuity of printed newspapers, magazines and books considering the advent of e-books, available on tablets. Tablets are basically touch-sensitive mobile devices. Without a wired connection, a tablet allows mobility to its users. Such mobility enables avid readers to carry their magazines, newspapers and favorite books everywhere with them, without much effort.
Besides practicality, e-books allow interactivity. A news story displayed on a tablet can (and should) contain much more than text. It can contain audio, video and extra interviews. Despite all these advantages, many people still feel uncomfortable about reading on a tablet. Some claim it is uncomfortable to the eyes, others that there is no comparison with flipping through a book.

In my opinion, the printed versions of books and magazines will coexist very well with their digital versions.

E-books have the advantage of being practical, dynamic and easily publishable. Books may not feature such attributes, but have been bringing delight for generations. Who does not enjoy getting lost in a good book store? The important point is that both versions (printed or digital) have been modifying the way we study, communicate and, above all, inform ourselves.

This article’s intention is, again, to arouse your curiosity and ask your opinion! I’d love to know your predictions about the new media. Finally, I refer to two websites, one for technology fans and one for book lovers


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