Ten Italian inventions that changed the world

Sometimes people have really good ideas and they don’t even imagine the consequences of their implementation in the everyday life. I’m sure Leonardo Da Vinci didn’t expect us to use his inventions till nowadays, and in some cases we are still discovering new ways of applying them to the new technologies.

Some researchers just discover things by chance and some others were looking for a completely different invention and found something else.

You might have heard that Italians are inventors, and I’m telling you it’s true with a few examples:

1. Telephone: invented by Manzetti (1844) and Meucci (1871)

2. Plastic: yes, the one we use every day in many shapes and colours, it was created by Natta in the 60’s and sold with the name of Moplen

3. Piano: this musical instrument was born in 1698 (in its modern form) and was invented by Cristofali

4. Battery: Volta was the father of this invention (1799). The measurement unit Volt takes his name.

5. Glasses: a great invention for people who can’t see very well, born during the 14th century

6. Bank: a system created in Northern Italy in 1462, during the Renaissance

7. Radio: invented by Marconi and the Spanish Cevera in 1895

8. Highway: the first proper motorway was the one connecting Milan and Laghi, built in 1923

9. Microchip: Faggin created this small but so important component of every electronic device during the 60’s

10. Helicopter: invented in 1930 by d’Ascanio

If you want to discover other Italian inventions you can click here and you’ll be surprised by their amount 🙂

I didn’t mention food on purpose, but what do you think about pasta and pizza? For sure there were some ancient forms of those, maybe in China says somebody, but the one we eat today are known as Italian.

Do you agree with this list? What is the most important invention in your country?


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