Ten Jobs You Didn’t Know You Could Do with a Language…

When you ask a lot of people what jobs languages can offer, you get a range of answers, but the majority will say “teacher” or “translator”. And I think that this is half the battle when it comes to encouraging young people to learn languages – they think “what’s the point?”

So when we worked with some students from Lambeth Academy to try and encourage them to pursue their language learning, we came up with the top 10 jobs that most people don’t know you can do with a language, to highlight that languages can lead to exciting and well rewarded career opportunities. These are all jobs that our consultants have recruited for over the past few years (in no particular order!)

  • Video games tester – playing video games to test that they say the right words in the correct language
  • Private jet sales executive – selling private jets, or fractional ownership of them, to high net worth individuals across Europe
  • Football analyst – watching and analysing the latest European football matches and producing reports on the failures and successes of the team. These are passed onto traders to aid investors in betting more successfully
  • International assignment manager – working for a large international company to help colleagues re-locate from country to country. You organise a place to live, schooling if there are any children involved, removals etc
  • Luxury yacht sales manager – Selling yearly memberships to “high net worth individuals “ who want to be charted on a route around the world on their private yacht and waited on by their own staff
  • Tour organiser – organising tours for pop bands around Europe, organising and booking venues and general diary and transport management
  • Art editor – editor and designer for a large internal magazine for a global bank
  • Journalist – uncovering the latest scoop on international financial trends and reporting on the information for a financial magazine
  • Press conference assistant – interpreting for Arsenal FC Manager Arsene Wenger and Jose Antonio Reyes for Champions League fixtures in Spain
  • Recruitment consultant – yes we had to get this in – you can work all over the world, recruiting people from all over the world into a range of sectors, from marketing to law, finance and IT

And these are just a handful! Languages open the door so many opportunities – exciting jobs in exciting places. What would be your dream job?

Steve Shacklock
Managing Director of multilingual recruitment consultancy

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