Terrible first date experience and ways to handle it in different countries – Part 2

RU dating2Just to remind you, in last week’s article I started describing the outcome of my research held among girls of different nationalities. These girlswere given an awkward first date situation and were asked to explain the way they would behave in that particular case-scenario. The situation was: the guy you’re seeing has a strong scent that makes you uncomfortable. So, here are the answers from the girls of the remaining 5 nationalities:


  1. French. Thanks for taking the time to see me, I will call you. NEXT!

Well, if I really had to say something, I would start with small hints at first, talking about different types of deodorant, perfumes, about how annoying it is when people smell bad in the metro, etc.

  1. German. I would tell him that he smells awful right away! I would say: “Ok, listen, I noticed an unpleasant smell coming from you…what is it?”
  2. Finish. I would go to some kind of a middle way, trying to point the problem out without sounding too offending, so that he could get the message. I would most likely say “Oh…it’s such a hot day! Some people sweat a lot… Although it can also be genetics!” and then somehow I would get tothe question.
  3. Dutch. Well, since I imagine the date to be in the city, I would go to a beauty store, because “I need something” and ask him if he needs anything…deodorant or something? And then I would buy it and insist he uses it right away!
  4. Spanish. I guess I would never tell him anything unless there is a perfect situation for it.

To conclude, while some nationalities would rather stay silent and not tell the guy about his problem in order not to make him feel bad and make the situation even more awkward between them, Germans and Dutch girls would be pretty direct in telling the guy exactly what they think. They say that if they were him, they would appreciate somebody pointing out to them that problem immediately. In this case they could prevent it happening again and would save themselves from embarrassment next times.

This was one of the numerous examples of cultural differences. So, next time going to a different country, you better do your research about its’ culture and the way people behave there. It will definitely help you avoid embarrassment and even culture shock. And at last, one very important life lesson! Remember: when in Rome, do as the Romans do!


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