TGIF Movie No. 244 – Amor a primera visa

Once again, Friday has come! If like me weather conditions are motivating you to stay in for the night, have a look at this article for some movie night inspiration!

“Amor a primera visa”

Language: Spanish (Mexican) and English

Genre: Romantic comedy

Alejandro, mariachi, widowed and now single father of one, is struggling to keep his head above water and believes that his little girl would be better off living with her grandparents in the US. Rachel is a young diplomat that works as a visa officer at the American Embassy in Mexico City. As an exciting and new position awaits her in London, second thoughts about her nomad lifestyle pop into her mind. Alejandro and Rachel meet for the first time when Alejandro visits the embassy to apply for a visa. Rachel’s distant and cold form of interrogation leaves Alejandro angry and disappointed. However, the next encounter would be different. That same night, Alejandro and his mariachi band perform at her surprise farewell party. After the party, Alejandro finds Rachel, who had had a few shots too many, lying on a bus stop bench in the middle of the night. Unable to obtain her home address, he decides to take her home with him to spend the night. The plot of the movie begins the next morning when Rachel discovers she’s lost an important item that belongs to her boss. Knowing that the item is in his apartment from the start, Alejandro makes an elaborate plan to help her “solve her problem” in hope of proving his worthiness of the visa he needs.


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