TGIF Movie No. 247 – 200 Cigarettes

This is it! The first TGIF of 2014 brings you an awesome movie, and quite a fun classic in my opinion! And since it’s just the beginning of the New Year, how about some 31st of December inspiration movie?

“200 Cigarettes”

Language: English

Genre: Romantic comedy

Martha wants to celebrate the new years in a very normal way – throwing a party for her friends. And as this is the last one of the year, it comes as no surprise that she is freaking out a little about making it an event to be remembered. In the meantime she is deadly scared of what will her friends think, if they will enjoy it or not and why the hell are they taking so long to arrive, all the invitees are having several different problems to get to the place on time, and their stories clash into each other for a very fun story full of twists and turns. The story is set in 1981, but the things happening there could pretty much have happened to many of you just three days ago.
So sit back, bring up the popcorn and pop up the champagne to this awesome movie! And See you on monday!

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