TGIF Movie No. 250 – Les Adoptés

Friday has arrived and so has our TGIF Movie selection! So, if the cold or rain outside makes you want to stay warm tonight and watch a movie at home instead of having to put on too many layers to go out, then this article will hopefully inspire you.

Les Adoptés” (The Adopted)

Language: French

Genre: Comedy-drama

“Les Adoptés” is the first full-length film directed by Mélanie Laurent. You might know her as an actress from “Inglourious Basterds”, “Now You See Me” or “Don’t Worry I’m Fine” (Je vais bien ne t’en fais pas), as a singer or even as a model, but this time she is the one behind the camera.

The movie was released in 2011 and is set in the city of Lyon. “Les Adoptés” tells the story of three single women, Lisa, Marine and their mother Millie. The plot is divided into three parts, focusing on each one of the main characters. Lisa is a luthier and works in a workshop. She raises her son Léo alone with the help of her adopted sister. Marine is a bookseller specialised in British literature. The three women are truly close and are used to live without the presence of men around them. So, when Marine falls in love with someone, it creates a bit of a change in their lives as their routine falls apart. Then one day, Marine crosses the street without paying enough attention and goes into a coma.

The main themes of this movie are family relationships, loss and obviously love. I chose to talk about it because it moved me a lot, and I can still remember clearly how I felt when leaving the movie theatre. I think Mélanie Laurent’s debut as a director was pretty convincing. I liked the stage direction and how she managed to make the audience become quickly attached to the characters, as well as how she shot the last scenes. “Les Adoptés” makes you go through a lot of emotions especially during the last half an hour. So if you tend to get emotional when watching a movie, prepare your handkerchiefs.

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