TGIFun No. 248

Boy did this week pass fast, huh? The first full working week of the year, very depressing to some, but not us! And you know why? It’s not there will be dozens of others more, but because today it’s TGIF day! And there’s nothing like some funny videos to lift your mood!

And as always, if you want to send us a funny, musical or interesting link and see it published in our selection, send it to us at lexiophiles[at]bab[dot]la or send us a tweet @babla with the hashtag #TGIF.

Europeans vs. Italians – A very fun video that kinda explains Italian perspective!

Funny commercial compilation – This video saves you a lot of trouble in looking for nice videos, because they are all hilarious!

Belle from the Ghetto (English) – Have you thought on how would belle fit into society if she lived in the ghetto?

Vine compilation of December 2013 (English) – Another awesome compilation to save you from hassle!

On/Off – Human Safari – A very creative way to show the world.

That’s all for today! See you on next Friday with our TGIF Music with the best hits of 2013!

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