Thai Superstitions part 1

Thai people have had superstitions for a long time. They touch every ambit of life, from when to marry and what to eat, to how sins are punished in the afterlife. It is a concoction of different things: religion, environment and customs. We will then review some of the most peculiar and telling superstitions from Thailand.

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“Prets” are giant ghosts that sport a disproportionate small mouth…According to Thai folklore, if a person misbehaves and dishonors or disrespects their parents, they will become one of these creatures once they die. The “Prets” are said to suffer hunger, as their mouths don’t allow them to have enough food. It is meant as a deterrent for kids going astray. Thai people pay respect to elders and put the utmost respect towards their parents.

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Single ladies should not be singing while cookingotherwise, they will end up having a partner much older than themselves. Actually, this ingrained superstition rooted in a much more daily need. The purpose is so that women will not contaminate the food they are preparing with their saliva when singing. It is a rooted belief that slowly morphs to apply for both genders as we move towards a more egalitarian society.

Stay tuned for the second part, with more stories!



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