Thai superstitions Part 2

Traditions are rooted deep within Thailand… Last week we explored some of the superstitions and so will we this week.

It has to be noted that the superstitions are related to its rich history, the country’s Chinese migration and the Buddhist influence…

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Temples are supported by personal donations. It is believed that if, when donating, you and someone else deposit the donation together, both of you will see each other again in the next life, when reincarnating. To think about it, no one can prove or be sure about it. It might be that this belief is to encourage people or even teenage couples who are so excited about being together forever to donate more.

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There is a festival, Loi Khratong, that is celebrated on the full moon day in the 12th Thai lunar month according to the lunar calendar, which turns out to often be November. The name comes from how it is celebrated. People float flower arrangements (Kratong) in canals and rivers. Part of it also follows the same idea that is for couples to send away the two arrangements (Kratong)  down the river. If both arrangements (Kratong) are still together until they are out of their sights, it means that they will be happily together, a lucky charm.



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