The “Finals” Countdown

In Italy, the school year has just ended: holidays are no longer just a dream! Well, not for everybody: students who were attending their last year of high school should get prepared for the leaving qualification whose name in Italian is Esame di Stato (State Examination) or Esame di Maturità (Maturity Examination).

How does the exam work
The exam, which is usually held between half June and half July, is divided into three written tests and an interview. The first test is the same for every Italian high school: students should write a short essay in Italian about a suggested topic, or they can also analyze a selected text from Italian literature. The second test depends on the type of school attended and it involves one of the main subjects for each type (e.g. Latin for people studying Classics). The third test is about four or five subjects between the ones studied in the last year. The interview aims at verifying the knowledge of the entire syllabus of the last year. The jury is composed of some of the students’ teachers together with professors from other schools, to have objective marks. The results are expressed in points out of 100. The minimum score to pass the exam is 60/100, the maximum is 100/100 cum laude.

Urban legends How to survive
Surfing the web you can find a lot of Dos and Don’ts lists for last year students: eat less more often, sleep a lot, do not drink too much coffee, avoid the night-before-revision… Well, to be honest, a few sleepless nights, coffee, and food at 3am sometimes are very helpful, not to improve our knowledge, but definitely to save us from guilty feelings!!



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