The 10 commandments of the French on holiday

If you are going on holiday in France and wish to look as French as the French themselves, here is a list of ten rules that should help.

1. Thou shalt go to France
Yes, be it for financial reasons, because they are scared of speaking another language or just because France is a beautiful country, the French generally choose to go on holiday in France. It has to be said that France is a diverse country, but the French also tend to gather in the most popular destinations of their country.

2. Thou shalt choose the beach
If the countryside and the mountains attract more and more people, the French mostly go to the southern part of the country and the Côte d’Azur. So you will have to fight for a place for your towel on the scorching beach!

3. Thou shalt speak French
When confronted to a tourist in trouble, the best the French can do is stutter « Aie am sorry, aie dont spike englishe », but do not expect more effort, especially from holiday makers! If you are not fluent in French, you can use language guides!

4. Thou shalt not be alone
The French go on holiday with friends, with their partner, with their family – they rarely decide to go on holiday alone. Young people organize camping trips with their mates, and older people choose a destination with their spouse or their family.

5. Thou shalt attend popular celebrations
The French like to meet at music festivals, sound and light shows, sports events… If you want to take part in a truly popular event, go watch the Tour de France, which is the largest event in the summer.

6. Thou shalt listen to kids
The French like to have fun, it is an established fact! The place that attracts the most people in France is Eurodisney. Several other parks offer fun activities, such as the Futuroscope in Poitiers or Vulcania in the Auvergne region.

7. Thou shalt find cheap accommodation
A lot of French people go to their families during the holidays. It is the opportunity to be together, but also to be able to travel while having free accommodation. The other popular option is camping, which appeals to more and more people.

8. Thou shalt go on holiday during the first two weeks of August
A French theory: if I go on holiday in July, my colleagues will be leaving when I get back, I and will just want another holiday – this time longer! And if I’m in the office in August, while everyone is gone, I will have to work more to compensate… As a result, everyone wants to take the first two weeks of August off!

9. Thou shalt experience holiday romance
The French are said to flirt a lot when on holiday, and surveys seem to confirm the cliché. 69% of French people say they have already had a holiday romance, and a lot admit that flirting is their main objective on holiday!

10. Thou shalt show your pictures when you get back home
The traditional photo session when coming back from holiday is often dreaded by friends and relatives, but it has to happen. Come on, just try, it might give you ideas for your next holiday!


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