The 10 Most Romantic Languages in the World

It’s Valentine’s Day, Hurray! But you still haven’t found prince charming for your date tonight? Do not despair, it’s not too late! You still have time to learn these magical words in 10 romantic languages:

1. French – Je t’aime.
In the official language of love there’s a word for everything! like Retrouvailles, the happiness of reuniting with someone after a long separation. Not to mention the movies, the music and the fact that amour (n. love) has 1,650,000,000 search results in google!

2. Spanish – Te quiero.
Who doesn’t love the sound of Spanish? The versatility and passion that Spanish gives to the speaker makes it romantic, sensual and powerful.

3. Turkish – Seni seviyorum.
The melody, the people and the things they say. Share your opinion after visiting Turkey and being flirted up by a Turkish person. Not before.

4. Italian – Ti amo.
Italian just has to be on the list. I feel like it’s somehow a violation to leave it out. And I don’t like to upset Italians. It gets so emotional. Three reasons; Romeo and Juliet, spaghetti-kissing-scene in Lady and the Tramp, Andrea Bocceli.

5. Portuguese – Te amo.
Maybe more sexy than romantic but it has to be on the list! It’s just like Portuguese picked the very best from the other Latin languages and mixed it together and made it extra sensual.

6. English – I love you.
No, I do not mean American-English. I’m talking about Shakespeare and the favor he did to the otherwise cold hearted western Europeans. Without him, I think we would not know how to express ourselves. And one other thing: thanks to the English language, love across nationalities seems less impossible.

7. Finnish – Minä rakastan sinua.
Representing all the fantasy and LOTR fans… Finnish sounds delightful and mysterious at the same time. The amount of vowels makes the words sound silky; “in the low lying counties there is danger of frost” would be “alavilla mailla hallan vaara” in Finnish.

8. Japanese – 愛してる (ai shiteru).
Absolutely one of the most magical languages. When people learn Japanese they are often amazed by the range of emotions and the endless potential of the language. No wonder people get obsessed with Manga and sushi.

9. Russian – Я люблю тебя.
It’s a normal thing to hear that Russian sounds harsh and complicated. Although it’s not everyone’s favorite language when it comes to sounds, the nuances of emotions are endless.

10. German – Ich liebe dich.
German is probably crossing over towards sexy as well, although some people find it very romantic. Maybe it’s due to enchanting words by Goethe and Nietzsche? Or they have been having a few too many Biers.

So what do you think? Do you agree with this list? I’m sure you don’t, because you probably know other languages than me, and have other references 🙂

I guess all that’s left to say is HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!
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