The 2014 International Recipe Advent Calendar

A BIG welcome to the 2014 International Recipe Advent Calendar!

Maybe you’ve felt it, maybe you’ve been to the Christmas market or even bought presents already… yes, Christmas is coming up!!

Naturally, as Christmas is one of the year’s most enjoyable celebration for millions of people, it also appeals to language lovers all over the world, as people from a lot of countries are celebrating it – each with their own language, culture, and of course food.

That’s why our annual calendar will appear for the 6th time running this year and we have again asked food bloggers around the globe to share their favorite Christmas recipes with us.banner2014

This is how it works: each day, starting from December 1st up to the 24th, we will post a new recipe on this page, just like your real advent calendar: 24 small doors are waiting for you, each with a delicious international recipe hidden behind it. Clicking on the box below will unveil its content.

Each recipe is available in English, so you will be able to enjoy cooking no matter if you understand the recipe’s original language or not.

And when Christmas will finally arrive, you will have 24 different recipes to choose from – and maybe you can even pick one for your Christmas dinner!

We at wish you a wonderful advent season, lots of fun with the recipes and buon appetito!       

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