The 2016 International Recipe Advent Calendar


It is with great pleasure that we present to you The International Recipe Advent Calendar 2016!


Christmas is right around the corner and the Advent season in full flow!  Here in Hamburg, the festive spirit of Christmas is already spreading its magic (and irresistible smells) among the Weihnachtsmarkt wooden stalls.  So we believe it’s high time to start thinking about the best way to get geared up for Christmas – which is, of course, cooking!

It’s hard to even imagine the amount of deliciousness being conjured up in kitchens across the globe during this time of year. To celebrate, we have asked food bloggers from all over the world to participate in our annual recipe advent calendar and to share their favourite Christmas recipes – giving you a glimpse how this magic really works.

We will be posting one recipe per day, from December 1st to the 24th, just like in the advent calendar. Just click on one of the cute boxes  and  feast your eyes  (and hopefully, your belly, too) on mouth-watering pictures of the meals.

Even if participating bloggers come from various countries and write in their native languages, you don’t need to worry, as we have taken care of the English translations. You just need to scroll down for the recipe.

You can also vote for your favourite recipe on our Social Media channels (Facebook, Instagram, VK). The most popular recipe will be recreated by the team! We’ll show you  what happens when our language lovers gather to cook!

Join us and enjoy the fun and  self-indulgence during this wonderful time of year . Who knows? Maybe next year you will share your recipe with us too?


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