The 3 iPhone apps Germans would love more than soccer

This is the last article on our iPhone app series. We have come up with many cool new inventions from the Nodalyzer to iSheep. Let’s take a look at the Germans: What would they like more than winning the 2010 World Soccer Championships?

I have to admit: Nothing. Just needed a catchy headline and couldn’t come up with anything. But let’s just assume that soccer in this world wouldn’t exist, here are the ultimate top 3 German iPhone apps:

iNdirect Germans tend to be … very direct. It’s not that we are trying to be rude but I guess it comes with our trait of trying to be so efficient. You can’t have the best of two worlds – until now. iNdirect helps you form your words so that they sound much nicer. For example: You enter “I want” and get back several options, ranging from “I would like to” to “It would be great if”. No more simple “No’s”. How about “I like your idea, can I maybe add a little twist to it?” Or “That sounds great. We definitely should keep it in mind.” The basic version features language support for English (after all, Lexiophiles is a language blog and we need to keep close to the subject ;-). You can upgrade to other languages for 0,99 € a language. Being nice to your surroundings has never been easier and cheaper. And if someone looks insulted, just point at your iPhone and blame it on iNdirect.

iBier (pronounced: ein Bier – one beer) OK, you probably saw this one coming. An article about typical German apps without beer being mentioned just doesn’t sound right. My first thought was to invent an app that tells you the beer brand based on the liquid in front of you. But I figured you’d probably need a liquid sample by dropping the iPhone into the glass. Cool effect, your friends will probably laugh hard – but more at your dead iPhone than anything else. Back to the point: The iBier app lets you order your next beer directly to your table. Forget about slow waiters and long waiting times. iBier hacks directly into the ordering system, you just need to enter your table number and the number of beers you want. Unfortunately iBier currently only works at restaurants with digital ordering systems. But the next release will be able to hack directly into the bartender’s brain by telepathy. iPhone is already good with telephony, so telepathy should be a piece of cake.

iGrill Germans love to barbeque. First sunny weekend of the year equals smoky gardens, parks and beaches in Germany. iGrill gives you the exact time for the perfect steak or Wurst. Just enter your BBQ model (e.g. Landmann Rundgrill or the sophisticated Weber Spirit E210), the charcoal you use and the type of meat. The free iGrill app will calculate the exact time for you and set off a short alarm when the meat is ready. BBQ experts might want to upgrade to the 9,99 € iGrill Pro version. With the pro version you don’t have to hassle with all that data entry stuff. Just briefly hold your iPhone over the BBQ and the meat, iGrill Pro will automatically detect your BBQ model, the temperature and the type of meat. Oh, and if you are at it, you might want to go for iGrill Premium XXL. For the real bargain price of 19,99 € you can record your perfect steak as a video and share it with the iGrill BBQ community on Users can vote for the best video and at the end of the BBQ season the Grill Master of the Year will be selected. Too cool to be true.

That’s it, folks. I am off to watch a soccer match at the bar and try out my new iBier app. Let me know how the iGrill and iNdirect apps are working for you.

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