The 5 most beautiful cities in France (Paris is not in the list!)

Where to go in France? Paris is on everyone’s lips for it is the largest city, the most populated one, with countless monuments, exhibitions, a signature architecture, a legendary history. Paris is the most visited city in France, possibly in the world! Yet there are alternatives (I swear there are!) to the Parisians’ legendary good temper.

  1. Strasbourg

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Neighbouring Germany, Strasbourg is a jewel of the Alsatian culture. Storks, thatched roofs, flammekueche and traditional outfits are waiting for you.


  1. Nizza

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What is better than a salad (of course a Niçoise salad) in the old town, with perhaps a good pizza? The port, the old facades, fresh gulls of wind, everything is so nice in Nice!


  1. Mont Saint Michel

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An island that is not really an island, oh what mystery, that Mont Saint Michel! Welcome to the medieval town of Lower Normandy. A real Game of Thrones decor – watch for your head!


  1. Lyons

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I’m not completely objective, I am a big fan of Lyon (without being a native Lyonnais.) I do not get tired of these bouchons – these small restaurants, where the many culinary specialties of the region are to be enjoyed. Come to us rosettes, tripes and other delicacies!


  1. Bordeaux

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No, not the wine! Well, there will be wine too, but I mean the city of Bordeaux. The whole region is simply gorgeous. The city hall, by the Garonne river, the wireless streetcars, the old Rue Sainte Catherine, … What a pleasure to be in Bordeaux.


Well, are you convinced? What is your favourite French city? Or which city do you dream of visiting?



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