The absolute winner of the Language World Cup 2015 is…

The exciting Language World Cup 2015 came to an end yesterday. Some numbers:

9 weeks of competition;

64 languages taking part;

64 matches;

119,996 votes;

countless comments on our social media channels.


We can now disclose the top three languages.

The third place goes to German, a difficult yet fascinating language. Its morphology and syntax are challenges for every language learner! At the second and at the first place we find romance languages. Indeed, Italian ranks second: grazie to everybody who voted for the language of literature, cuisine, and art! The glorious winner of the Language World Cup is French! Language of love, language of beauty, but also international language spoken worldwide. Merci à tous!

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The remarkable fact to notice is that the winner of the Language World Cup has been different every year of the competition: English in 2013, Polish in 2014, and French in 2015. The complete ranking of the Language World Cup 2015 can be found here.

Thanks to everybody who voted and got as excited as us at about the development of the competition. We look forward to reading your comments about the results!


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