The Accession of Turkey Part 2

Welcome back fellow readers! Let’s get right back to it. In my opinion the problem was and still is the lack of honesty from both sides. The AKP government of Turkey doesn’t push itself for the EU standards it has to meet fully to join the EU. Not only that but they also violate many regulations because of their hardliner majority dominant centre-right politics. On the other hand the EU laws really are in the favour of Turkey if Turkey would join the Union. Especially the fact that it would be the second most powerful legislative force in the EU parliament really creates a big problem for the EU.

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Essentially the EU wants Turkey to give away a lot of its leverage. They want Turkey to backtrack on many other issues be it from Cyprus issue to the Armenian Genocide. They think they have the full rights to do such demands because  if Turkey ever joins it will be a significant force in the EU decision making body. Now some argue that the EU never would let join Turkey anyway but just want to gain leverage and time in general. In that case Turkey’s lack of trying hard could be a good natural counter. There are several layers to the issue. Both sides want to sign a deal that makes them come on top. Both sides have political issues with each other. Turkey is way more conservative and right wing than the European Union. On top of that another issue is religion. Turkey would be the only Muslim country in the EU. There are also many other topics of debate such as the economic differences between the EU and Turkey. Which could potentially cause a huge migration from Turkey to the European Union if the borders would open. So the Ascension topic is sadly too long for a normal Lexio article. That’s why I will sum this up with a personal note.

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In Conclusion in 9 years out of the 14 chapters opened to adjust Turkey to the European Union only 1 was closed and the rest remain open. For Turkey to join the EU all these chapters must be closed and then all the European Union member states must unanimously agree on granting Turkey membership to the European Union. So if it took 9 years to close 1 chapter it will take 117 years for Turkey to close all chapters and even then it would need a unanimous vote from all the EU member states.

So see you in 2131 dear readers. We’ll see how the situation will be in 2131 there might not even be a European Union anymore…


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