The American campus life

I was one day an exchange student in a very big state university in the United States. I had the amazing opportunity to study there for two semesters. Being part of this culture for a while was very enriching to me, and I discovered a lot about the American life and about myself. So, here come some curious things I have noticed while tasting a little bit of the American campus life.


1 – Students are incredibly proactive

Clubs and organizations of all kinds flourish on campus. It’s a beautiful thing to see people meeting after classes to build something fresh and new, from a dance group to an independent newspaper.


2 – Party on! But only until 2 am

Like most young people, Americans also like to party! Parties around a university happen every night, but most of them barely even reach 2 am because nightclubs have to kick everyone out before the police shows up.

Because the drinking alcohol age in the U.S. is 21, most students with 18 years old cannot join the parties. Fake ID and pre-gaming (drinking at home before going out) is a reality.



3 – They love mascots

A mascot is the identity of the university. So not only the mascot will be printed on every shirt, all notebooks and cups of the university, it will most likely be the main logo of the university. Not only that, you will see huge statues of the mascot everywhere on campus. Sport events will surely have a living mascot. People will line up to take pictures with it.





4 – Starbucks is a thing!

Starbucks is in every corner of many countries nowadays, it is even inside university libraries. If you are out to study, wanting or not, you will end up getting a frappuccino, iced-tea or a caramel macchiato in those moments of distractions from the studies… Oh well. Watch out for your pocket.

These are the things that call most of my attention while I was in the US. Have you noticed other things while studying abroad?





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