The battle of wits: Mexicans vs Galicians

Every nation has its “humoristic rivals”. The French mock Belgians and Belgians mock the Dutch. Germans make fun of Austrians and Austrians make fun of the Swiss. Brazilians on the other hand joke about the Portuguese, and the Portuguese make fun of Spaniards. And so it goes on and on.

So, who do Mexicans make fun of? Well Spaniards, especially those from Galicia, often end up being the butt of our jokes. And of course, people from Spain could probably tell you one or two jokes about Mexicans too. It’s all just good fun 😛

This battle of humors is said to have started with the Spanish conquest of what was once called Tenochtitlan, back in 1521. You can read more about this topic here: New Spain.

Here you can see a few classic “Gallego” jokes:

Hey Manolo, can you hand me another shampoo bottle?
– But there’s one in the bathroom already!
– I know, but this one is for dry hair and I already wet mine.

While traveling to New York, Manolo bought a television to bring back home to his family.
– Don’t you have televisions in your country?
– Of course we do, but I prefer watching American television.

A Galician is stopped by the police:
– Give me your full name, please.
– Are you crazy? What will my friends call me?

Why do Galicians sprinkle sugar on their pillows?
To have sweet dreams.

Manolo receives an anonymous envelope with a white sheet of paper inside:
– This letter is from Paca, my wife.
– How do you know that? – his friend asks.
– We fought the other night and since then we don’t exchange words.

A Galician is walking through the Sahara desert wearing a bathing suit. A Bedouin watches him closely.
– Where are you going? – he asks.
– I’m going swimming – says the Galician.
– But the closest ocean is over 1300 km from here!
– Man! Then this is one big beach!

Check out this video of Mexican jokes told by Galicians 😀


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