The benefits of studying in a smaller city

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Up until I finished school, I had always been living in bigger cities, such as Copenhagen and Hamburg. That is why I did not want to live in a smaller city at first, because I had many prejudices against living and studying in smaller cities. One of my prejudices was that living in a small town is boring. This, however, changed fundamentally when I ended up studying in Sønderborg, a city with less than 30,000 inhabitants, even though I had an aversion against such cities. And guess what: I have not regretted my decision even once.

This is why I have written this article, to suggest that you consider smaller cities when deciding where to study. Here are three reasons why smaller cities are the right place for everyone, even for city-dwellers:

  • Smaller cities are not boring

Even though some readers might not agree with this point, I have had the experience that the case is the opposite. In Sønderborg, there are plenty of leisure opportunities, whether you want to do a specific kind of sport, like CrossFit or archery, or just enjoy the nightlife with your friends in a nightclub.

  • Living in smaller cities is cheaper

This argument is especially relevant for people with a smaller budget. Usually the rents are not as high as in bigger cities. In addition to that, in my experience, going out tends to be more expensive in a bigger city.

  • You can meet lots of international students at a smaller campus

In Sønderborg, there are students from all over the world. During my time at the campus, I met students from countries such as China, the USA, Russia, almost every European country and from some African countries.

With this article, I hope to make you aware of the fact that you can have a great time in every kind of city, no matter if it is a small city or the capital city of the country in which you are living. In a small city you can also have an abundance of leisure opportunities and friends!

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