The Yummiest Fruits From Brazil

PT_ACAIBERRY_IntextOh, Brazil, the giant from the tropical part of the Earth, the big South American country that some people hate and many others love. Brazil is indeed absolutely weird, beautiful, and problematic. Not surprisingly, this country has a very peculiar collection of fruits found in our rich Amazon, Atlantic and Cerrado forests, that are incredibly tasty. The most awesome and famous fruit is called Açaí, or açaí-berry.

This little purple fruit is typical from the Amazon forest, which is located in Northern Brazil. If you are a into the hip scene, or like natural things, you probably have heard or even tried an Açaí-berry juice or smoothie. However, they are not even close to the original taste of the juice that comes from the fruit, that is usually consumed with sugar and tapioca flour, a type of flour made out of cassava (yuca).

 The second one is my all-time favorite Cupuaçu, a fruit that can be found in the Amazon forest as well. Most people make delicious juice out of it, or a great milkshake! I have to admit that I love cupuaçu cake! It’s just a delicious dessert with a unique taste.

Pequi, or pequiá for some, is a fruit mostly found in the Cerrado region, the Brazilian equivalent to the savannah, located in the central part of the country. Pequi is not my personal favorite, but a huge element in the Brazilian middle-west cuisine. People usually cook it with rice, and it has a very characteristic and strong smell that, for some, ahem, may be a little too much.


These are just a very few examples of the endless fruits available in Brazil. So, if you end up in Brazil someday, or in a Brazilian neighborhood somewhere in the world, try to find and give these weird fruits a try. You might love them, or absolutely hate them.


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