The cheesiest French pick up lines!


Wondering about the time when French women were easy to flirt with? Well, apparently French women are no longer impressed by short romantic phrases or languorous glances in the subway. This is sad because men don’t often dare to attempt a flirtation and risk being slapped across the face after only 2 seconds!

I guess times are changing. French women might not be sensitive anymore to the well-known French romanticism! Which is why some approaches and pick-up lines that might sound perfectly acceptable to men, well, are completely “has-been”. So if you’re planning on a trip to France and wish to flirt along with French ladies, here is exactly what you should not say or do!

I literally translated from French to English, but I guess you will get the big idea out of it! And if you have more suggestions to do, don’t hesitate!

You have really beautiful eyes, you know!

Your father just took all the stars from the sky to put them in your eyes.

I would like to be your washcloth.

You look like a crisp…because you’re crispy.

Hey, did I meet you before? Ha yes, it was in my last dream.

Do we know each other? Your face is familiar to me.

I would really like to see your face when you see me naked.

Are you single? Because I can fix it if you want.

Do you know the street called Love? The one next to the street called Pleasure. We can search for it together?

Do you have the time, please?

Do you still live at your parents’ house?

I am lost. I’m looking for the way to get to your heart. Could you help me please?

Tonight I won’t be able to sleep if I don’t have your phone number.

Miss, you lost this paper (phone number of the guy written on the paper)

I had a dream last night. This dream told me I would meet my soul mate today.

You know, I think your parents are going to become my parents-in-law.

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