The great German experience!

Is it true what most people say about Germans? Are they really cold? Are they always angry?

Sometimes… but Germans are also great friends, they have brilliant minds and they have built one of the best countries in Europe!

Before saying “see you soon” to my Hamburger home and my family, I would like to share some of the things I’ve learned from my German life:

1. Time: Always on time! Time is indeed a treasure; you will never get it back so you better use it wisely. Being on time is the main thing I’m taking with me back home. One minute marks the difference! Be on time for the best party ever, on time to spend time with your best friend, on time with the project of your life! You never know when you will leave this planet, could be anytime so take advantage of every second!

2. Beer: Although I missed “corona” for some time, I must say the German beer is great! Dark or light, cold or warm (Yes! In Germany you have to drink it warm sometimes!)… Any minute is good to have a beer!

3. Independence: In Latin-America is not so common for young students to leave home to go abroad or to a different city. Most of us stay at home and we keep enjoying the privilege of having a warm breakfast every morning, clean laundry and of course our parents next to us. Being independent could be difficult in the beginning but once you overcome this challenge you get to enjoy the life you have created for yourself.

4. Studies: Germans really work hard during their university time! When it comes to getting ready for exams, all students forget about social life in order to get good grades. Study hard for a better future!

5. Trust and love: It’s not easy to become friends with Germans. It takes a while to finally win their trust BUT when you are soul mates you can be sure that they will always be loyal friends. When you appreciate someone you should never ever give up when trying to keep them in your life! 😉

Can a latino really enjoy the German lifestyle? Of course we can! Germans are mostly easy-going; they have no problem in partying until next morning! Just don’t mess with their time!

To my friends and family:

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born…” Anais Nin


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