The Hero of London Olympics 2012

London, a city abundant with cheers and enjoyment has finally launched its fireworks- grand opening of the biggest summer event- 2012 Olympics! We all have been waiting for years for this moment- when our eyes are stuck on the television screen praying (and maybe screaming) for the athletes to bring back many medals as possible. However, to be fully prepared for this magnificent event, it is crucial to know your rivals. Below, I have listed basic facts and featured players of few countries. By reading this, your Olympic experience will be double the excitement!


Medal total: 468
Medals per head: 1 medal per 19,420 people
Strength: wrestling, swimming, sailing, canoeing
Featured Athlete: Jorgen Perrson (table tennis), Carolina Kluft (long jump)


Medal total: 1260
Medals per head: 1 medal per 64660 people
Strength: canoeing, equestrian, swimming
Featured Athlete: Birgit Fischer (canoeing), Britta Steffen (freestyle swimming), Betty Heidler (women’s’ hammer)


Medal total: 392
Medals per head: 1 medal per 3,409,995 people.
Strength: diving, gymnastics, table tennis, shooting
Featured Athletes: Liu Xiang (hurdle), Li Na( tennis)


Medal total: 55
Medals per head: 1 medal per 2,067,713 people
Strength: taekwondo, diving, football
Featured Athletes: Joaquin Capilla (diving), María Espinoza (taekwondo)


Medal total: 522
Medals per head: 1 medal per 116,890 people
Strength: swimming, fencing, cycling
Featured Athletes: Giovanna Trillini (fencing), Federica Pellegrini (swimming)


Medal total: 360
Medals per head: 1 medal per 351,321 people
Strength: judo, gymnastics, swimming, wrestling
Featured Athletes: Keiji Suzuki (judo), Kosuke Kitajima (swimming), Saori Yoshida (wrestling)

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The most medals earned is United States (surprise, surprise!) – following Russia, Great Britain, and in 4th place, Germany. However, if you look at the number of medals per capita, Finland places 1st, Sweden 2nd, and Hungary 3rd.

Which country do you think will win most medals for this year’s Olympics?


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