The hitchhiker’s guide: what are the advantages?

It’s not easy being on a tight budget. Especially not when in May it’s cold and rainy and you long for some sunshine – a dangerous time to plan your summer holidays, as now it’s very tempting to book an (expensive) package deal that promises to take you to a white sand palm beach.

Luckily, there is no need to despair if you can’t afford a long-haul flight to a fancy travel destination. Ever thought of the possibility of hitch-hiking during summer?

There are many reasons to consider a road trip hop-on-hop-off style that will certainly differ from your usual campsite stay or beach holiday. (There are a couple of catches to hitch-hiking as well, but with our tips that will feature in the next blog you’ll hopefully avoid getting in trouble!)

1. It’s cheap. Obviously, you don’t have to pay for a lift! You will need to budget for lodging, food and activities, but without travel expenses you’ll have more money left to spend on other things.

2. It’s a culturally very acceptable way to spend the holidays. Which countries will your voyage take you through? It could be ‘just’ Germany, Austria and Hungary, but on the road chances are you meet people from even more countries. You will end up trying to speak different languages and communicate in pidgin English. And nothing is more bonding than sharing your Austrian lift’s choice of Knödel at a Raststätte.

3. It’s exciting! Where will you end up? Even if you have a general destination in mind, you can’t know exactly where a lift will take you. If you’re aiming for Italy it is possible that a short detour through France opens up new possibilities – you might find yourself being shown around in a picturesque village in the south of Spain by a Belgian couple before they send you off with some food and the address of their friends in Portugal…

Have you ever hitch-hiked? If not, have you ever thought about it or would you never consider it? Keep on checking Lexiophiles for the next blog on the do’s and don’ts of hitch-hiking!


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