The iPhone Apps no Swede should be without


IKEA locator

If you are outside of Sweden and running low on Sill, Kalles Kaviar, Knäckebröd, Köttbullar or just feeling homesick this App will guide you to the nearest IKEA.

Fair bill-splitter

Don’t you hate when the last person to put money in for the bill just puts down what’s left. Or when someone has two beers more than everyone else and then wants to split the bill ‘equally’. No problem. Input any and all data and the App will tell you exactly what each person has to pay. To keep it fair.

Age calculator

Swedes have an odd way of telling you how old they are. Normally one would expect someone to say, “Hi. My name is Carl and I am 25 years old”. A Swedish person would say, “Hi. My name is ‘Kalle’ and I’m an 84”. It doesn’t take that long to figure out how old someone is from their year of birth (84 would be 24 or 25), but if you live in Sweden, this App is a must.

Owe-age ticker

No need to try keeping track of how many en-kronor coins you’ve borrowed, who paid for the last coffee, how expensive that last birthday gift was or who you gave a cigarette to at the party. This App keeps count and lets you know whose coffee you should pay for so that the world stays ‘fair’.

Swedenish localizer

This App is pre-programmed to ping you if you are in the vicinity of anything even remotely Swedish, like H&M, so you can point it out and say loudly. “Look, ower there is a “Hennes och Mauritz”. That is a Svedish kompani”.

Aladdin identifier

There is nothing worse than biting down on what you thought was nougat and it turns out to be rum-raisin. Take a picture of the Aladdin tray and your iPhone will mark each one with its flavour.

Is the trapphus empty?

Never have an awkward situation where you meet your neighbours in the stairwell again. Hold your iPhone to your apartment door and it will give you a green light if it is safe go out.

Ambiance behaviour mode

No need to ever lose face again. Record a 360° video of your surroundings and your iPhone will tell you what demeanour to apply so that you don’t stand out.


Blond? Light-blond? Chestnut? Platinum? Don’t know the correct term for exactly that shade of blond? No problem. Take a picture and your phone will tell you instantly. (version two-point-one will also tell you the probability of drapes≠curtains)

Cheese slicer AoA

Making a wedge of cheese look like it belongs in Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a forbidden sin. Take a photo and your iPhone will tell you the correct Angle of Attack for the next slice to minimise slope.

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