The King Abdicates

What‘s going on in Spain those days? Yes, King Juan Carlos I has abdicated. But, why now and why this way? Those are the first two questions that come to my mind.

Es Abdication intextAll of a sudden, the Spanish President Mariano Rajoy called a press conference last week for an institutional declaration, his very first one. The rumour that something very important had happened in the Zarzuela Palace began: the King abdicates.

The fact that it was the President and not the King who communicated the news was perceived as odd. So, more rumours spread about Juan Carlos’ health: is he very ill? Is he dying? Apparently, there is an explanation for all that: the King cannot call a public act without the consent of the President, but the doubt is still there.

After this announcement, many people went to the streets and claimed that it is time for a change. In the main cities of Spain, that same day there were demonstrations in favour of a referendum to vote for a monarchy or a republic. The Spanish public perception of the monarchy has plummeted since 2011 due to several scandals and corruption issues that surround the royal family.

Those who would like a republic say that we shouldn’t keep on sustaining the whole family, because there shouldn’t be kings and vassals anymore in this century. Those who support the monarchy say that it costs less than the Italian or French Republic and it is more stable. So, there are supporters for both sides.

In my opinion, there should be a change. A change for the better, no matter if it is a king or a president of a republic. What’s yours?


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