The language battle has just started! – Language World Cup 2013

What’s your favourite language? Which language stands closer to your heart? Essential questions for all language lovers since all of them have their own beauty. Many languages, many views. Instead of arguing about this for years we decided to run a tournament for 32 selected languages to find out together
which one is the most popular!

From Monday 16th of September in the upcoming 8 weeks every day two languages will compete to each other in the digital arena of But they need your support! Like all sport stars, languages also need their fans!

Do you think your language is the best ever? Then make it real, spread the word, vote for your favourite one(s) to prove this! The one language that receives most clicks goes through to the next round until only one is left for the end of the tournament and wins. Keep supporting your language throughout the whole competition hoping it will get to the top!

How does it work?



The 1/16 finals start on Monday 16th of September until the 30th to determine who will make it through to the 1/8 finals (see list). You can vote every day but only once per round! No cheating! 😉 The votes are automatically counted and the language with most votes gets to play for the next round.

We will update this article every time we move up to the next level and you can check the progress of the competition on the Language World Cup page itself.

Let’s find out the most popular languages of 2013!

Click here to find out more about the tournament and vote!

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