The Mexican Cultural Shock

I have recently read an article related to the cultural shock experienced by people who visit Mexico. I must say it was extremely funny to read how all the small details that I’ve seen, lived and experienced, things that for me are normal and even boring, are perceived by a foreigner.

I was surprised when I read that our Spanish is classified as “colourful” and it’s amusing to know which kinds of words are remembered by tourists or people who will stay in the country for a certain period of time (no manches, cabrón, qué pedo, wey– which could be translated as mate or dude). To be honest those words are not used in formal Spanish but they are widely spoken among Mexican youth.

Mexico is definitely a country full or colours, traditions, polite and nice people and lots of history. My perspective as a Mexican could be a bit different:

– Food and chilli: The first things you miss when you leave Mexico are obviously tacos and chilli. I have to accept that our food prepared my stomach a bit against common consequences of Indian food. After my trip to this incredible country I realized that Mexico does have different and better cleaning standards. I’m not saying it’s 100% clean but in comparison to India I can say that even on the streets food is healthier. Took me around one month to finally stop suffering the consequences of eating Indian food: killer stomach ache and long hours in the toilet.

– Transport: It is known as being disorganised and for not respecting the traffic rules. A long time ago, I heard my English teacher say how much she loved to go out on the street and raise her hand no matter her location because she knew that a bus would stop any minute. Totally true! But it is also pretty annoying for people driving behind those buses. We also find the amount of people that bus drivers allow to get on the bus quite unpleasant, especially during spring and hot seasons. Not colourful at all!

– Nicknames: I think this was my favourite part of the article. After a deep thought about this nickname detail I noticed that it is true that we all have nicknames. We don’t always include the articles, which in English would be like including “the”, but at some point of our life we all get a funny nickname.

– Music: Yes! We do have many music styles but not all Mexicans are fond of dancing and actually many have 2 left feet! They don’t dance at all!

– Family: Mexican families are very close to each other and it’s completely true that people do not pursue independence before 30 and that there’s a high percentage of people that actually never move out. But if we look for a bright side, Mexicans can be 100% sure that family will always be there!

I was really glad to know that small details from Mexico, which I consider as defects, are perceived in a different way by foreigners. Many times I’ve heard that people from other countries enjoy a lot more of our culture and country than we do, because of the fact that we are immerse in our daily problems and activities and we do not notice all the wonderful things that surround us.


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