The most adventurous hotel in the world

Natura Vive Skylodge/Peru

The three transparent pods of Natura Vive hang in 400ft to the side of a cliff of the sacred valley in Peru. You will go on an adventurous trip if you want to spend a night up there.

To get up there you have to climb up a cliff face. The Via Ferrata is the path that takes you up to the capsules. On the path there are lots of metal ladders, bridges and steel cables to help you get up there easily. This makes sure also people without any climbing experience can enjoy this adventurous trip without requiring a climbing rope. Be prepared for some impressive pictures!

In the capsules is room for 8 people. The lodges also include a bathroom and outside terrace to enjoy the view. Safety comes first. Therefore, the capsules were constructed of aerospace aluminum and weather resistant polycarbonate. Each suite has a size of 24 x 8 foot – safety guaranteed.

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Each lodge is furnished with a comfortable quality mattress, cotton sheets, down pillows and enough blankets to make sure you have a good sleep at 400ft.

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Those who book this adventure trip get to experience a breathtaking view over the Inca Empire and are served breakfast and a gourmet dinner, including wine.

A night in one of the Natura Vive Skylodges cost approximately 300$. After a good night sleep in the capsules and an amazing morning view over the Peruvian Valley, the visitors are taken to the bottom of the cliff by zip-line.

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