The most famous redhead – Do you know Anne Shirley?

Have you ever heard about Prince Edward Island in Canada? If you have, I’m sure you also know that it was the birthplace and home of the writer Lucy Maud Montgomery. There is only one person from the island who is even more famous than her and that is Anne Shirley, the main character of Anne of Green Gables and seven sequels to the novel. The first book is the story of a young redhead orphan girl who is adopted by an elderly brother and sister, to their own surprise. So, what is so unique about the Anne-books?

Use your imagination

Anne Shirley’s life is all about daydreaming and imagination which causes some trouble during activities like cooking and patchworking where ’there is no scope for imagination’. Unfortunately, these are exactly the kinds of things that should fill the day of a well-raised Avonlea girl. Anne is also an aspiring writer and while in the books she eventually gives up writing, in certain film adaptations she becomes a successful author.

Always look at the bright side of life

To be perfectly honest, Anne looks at life with a slightly maddening optimism and naivety, including that she awaits each day with smiling expectation. As a counter effect, she always gets into some trouble which makes her considerably more likeable. Her character has been compared to Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter but, to my relief, Anne does not insist on seeing the bright side of everything.

Read about Anne growing up

Is there some character development in the books? Naturally, yes. Anne herself believes in her potential for improvement based on the reasoning that eventually she must get to the end of possible mistakes. Indeed, she does improve a lot with time but I cannot help feeling that the little redhead orphan was a more original character than the loving and tender mother of six – in some miraculous way, even her hair becomes darker to fit her new personality. With all that, you just have to love Anne.

Let’s move to Prince Edward Island

The novels make such a good publicity for Prince Edward Island that one wonders how could anyone live outside this wondrous place: There are red roads, flowers to pick in the Violet Vale and blossoming trees on Lovers’ Lane. Anyway, according to the old gossipy Mrs Rachel Lynde it is not natural for young girls to travel outside the island since it forcefully reminds her of Satan in the Book of Job, going to and fro.
If you decide to go to PEI, you can do anything, including the dubious pleasure of having an Anne impersonator sing to you. In case that does not appeal to you, you can always enjoy the beautiful landscape.


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