The most recognized brand name in the world?

Following the previous post on the most recognized word in the world, I will examine the most recognized brand name in the world. Yes, it is established, or commonly believed, that “Coke/Coca cola” is one of the two most recognized words in the world, and therefore, it is naturally considered the most recognized brand name in the world. But is it really so? First of all, “ok” and “Coke/Coca Cola” being the most recognized words is merely a common belief and not verified. There is no research done regarding the topic as far as I am aware. So I decided to try verifying the claim and discovering the most recognized brand name by using one of the most reliable scientific research methods known to us: Google it.

I simply search names of popular brands and compare numbers of results they get on Google. Some brand names that are also a generic word, such as “Apple” and “Windows”, have an obvious advantage (so does “Coke” for that matter). But let’s try not to be too concerned about it. After all, this is only for the sake of fun…

Let’s begin with the very popular “Coca cola/Coke”:
“coca cola” – about 158,000,000 results
“coke” – about 114,000,000 results
An impressive number of results from “Coke”.

Let’s see how many results “Google” would get.

“google” – 12,750,000,000 results. Well, the number of results is about a hundred times bigger than that of “coke”…
“pepsi” – about 102,000,000 results. “Coke“ manages to keep its pride intact, only with a slight margin.
“apple”- about 1,850,000,000 results.
“microsoft“- about 1,650,000,000 results. We all like to eat apples!
“sony” – about 1,940,000,000 results.
“nintendo” – about 458,000,000 results. Too bad Nintendo does not produce awesome home electronics.
“fc barcelona” – about 71,700,000 results.
“manchester united”– about 179,000,000 results. Man U may have lost the CL final but won the Google search.
“toyota”- about 816,000,000 results.
“general motors” – about 55,400,000 results. “gm” – about 530,000,000 results. GM bailout might have been a bad idea, says the professor Google.

So the obvious winner here is “Google” with 12,750,000,000 results. “Coke/Coca Cola” and other brand names are nowhere near Google.
From these results, we can only conclude that “Coke/Coca cola” is not the most recognized brand name, at least not in the world of Internet. Can you think of some brand names that can be a contender against “Google”?

A dark horse.

“ja” – about 2,810,000,000 results. “Ja” is a popular cheap grocery product brand in Germany.

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  1. Searching for ‘Google’ on Bing might produce fewer results. Surely it stands to reason that searching for a brand on its proprietary system is bound to bring an inflated amount.

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