The "Must have" French iPhone


IPhone didn’t encounter a magnificent success in France so far but this might be due to its quite expensive price and a lack of very useful applications. I guess French people prefer to spend money on other things, and mainly nice food. So why not make of the iPhone a very useful tool for French people that would make their life easier!

There are plenty of stereotypes on French people, and I would lie, as a French person, if I said those aren’t true. Here is a list of some of the applications that could make French people pay more to have the iPhone:

Speed radars detector
Here in France, you can easily lose your driving license when caught speed driving and believe me, it happens really fast. With the speed radars detector, you know exactly where the radars are (even those hidden in private cars on the motorway for example). You can then drive a bit faster than the speed limit without being scared of losing points on your driving license. This should be done without too much excess, but let’s face the truth: French people don’t like to stick to limitations; a rule is made to be overridden.

“Pervenche detector”
This “pervenche” (traffic policeman or policewoman) detector will let you know if a policeman arrives near your parked car to leave you a parking fine because you didn’t pay. It will leave you enough time to go to your car and pay the parking fee you should have paid in the first place. But as many French people you didn’t, because, again, why would you pay for a parking ticket!
Strikes advisor
Strike is one of the words that French people use a lot of times during the year! There isn’t a single week in France without any strike. With the strikes advisor, everyone will be able to know in advance that there will be strikes. This application will be perfect for those who use the French railway system. It tells which train will be delayed or cancelled and if cancelled, which one could fit your needs. This will also be updated every time there is a change in the timetable for those who can’t do without the SNCF and want to go to work. And for those who are Strike fans, well it will tell them what’s going on and where it all happens so they can join!

Apéro alarm
Well, as everyone already knows, we, French people love food and drinks and are really fans of “apéros” (aperitifs). With this new alarm set on all the apéros’ times during the day, you know when to stop working and have a nice aperitif. No need any more to look at your watch every five minutes at work, now you know exactly when you’re going to get your “Apéro” break.

Wine tester
This new application will tell you everything about the wine you’re going to drink, based on the information you find on the bottle. It will also tell you how many chances you have to get a headache the next day because the wine isn’t that good.

With your new applications such as the “Apéro alarm” and the wine tester, you might have several drinks. But you’re about to drive and this makes you a potential danger on the road and you might lose your driving license as well. Don’t worry, with the iPhone’s new breathalyzer, you know exactly the amount of alcohol in your blood and you know if you can drive or not. If it tells you shouldn’t drive and you can’t use any other means of transportation: just stay where you are and you might as well enjoy even more glasses of wine.

Croissants and bread finder
Looking for a nice bakery close to where you are? Just have a look on your iPhone, it will tell you where the closest bakeries are and which one makes the most delicious bread, croissants and pastries. You won’t be deceived anymore!

Coffee finder
Need for a coffee? Didn’t have that much sleep and heading to work? Well, use the coffee finder to find the perfect coffee you need to stay up all day and be effective at work.

These suggestions are just a few we could add. I’m sure we could find more applications on the French new iPhone version. Don’t hesitate to give us more ideas! An here is a video that might give you some ideas on the magics of iPhone:

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