The Perfect Test Market for New Trends

They care about fashion and technology, most prioritize investing their money in looking good and having the newest gadgets, and the national mentality of normalization dictates how much inhabitants are willing to wander outside of socially accepted norms. The population is just big enough for production managers to get an idea of what trends catch on the best and the country gives access to the largest free-trade market in the world (the EU). No wonder people are always commenting on how a certain region of Europe seems to be getting the newest styles before anyone else. Where are we talking about? Where else than Sweden.

Sweden is a fashion forward country that appears to set trend for the rest of the world. Technology and IT gadgets are in high demand, and it is more common than not that the average person has a Smartphone, a laptop, a digital camera, and maybe even a projector to watch movies in their spare room. The standard of living is high and people like it that way. So when a couture designer is looking to see if their new looks will catch on, first stop is often

The Embassy of Sweden has stated, “Sweden is often seen as a frontrunner in adopting new technologies and setting new consumer trends more broadly. Now, new research shows that takeoff for new products is faster in Sweden than almost anywhere else.” It has been noted that because of the Swedish lifestyle, it is easy for something new to come in to test their products on very high-tech, innovative and fashionable people who are responsive to contemporary modernization in many merchandise categories.

Invest Sweden lists 10 reasons why Sweden is such an ideal test market:

1. Innovation
2. Market
3. Easy to business
4. High Productivity
5. Central Location in Northern Europe
6. A Modern Workplace
7. Research and Development
8. First Rate Infrastructure
9. Attractive Corporate Taxation
10. Quality of Life of the citizens

Investors around the globe are therefore flocking to test their products in Sweden, to see how they might catch on for the rest of the world. And no wonder, the citizens have proven themselves receptive test subjects for trying out the latest fads.

Which country population do you think spends the most on the newest trends?

  • Sweden
  • France
  • UK
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • USA

Total Voters: 8

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