The Sound of Austria

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Music accompanies us throughout our lives. As a baby, the mother sings us to sleep, as a teenager we are at the concert of our favourite band for the first time, at the wedding we dance with our beloved one the first dance to our special song – music is the soundtrack of our lives. Sometimes a song even stands for a whole nation – like this song for Austria…

Today I want to introduce you three Austrian musicians who are not only famous in Austria but also inspired others with their music.

Rainhard Fendrich

The Viennese Rainhard Fendrich belongs to the musical genre “Austropop“. Austropop emerged in the 1960s and is pop sung in the dialects of Austria. His song “I Am From Austria” is the “secret national anthem of Austria” and I must admit, every time I hear this song I get homesick and I’m really proud to be Austrian. In this video he performs the song with his famous colleagues Wolfgang Ambros and Georg Danzer which also appeared as a band called “A3” (Austria 3) for many years.


These are probably the craziest birds in Austria. The Austrian pop-rock band was formed in the 1970s and is still in the music business. With funny song titles like “Ba-Ba-bank robbery” or “Your servant, beautiful woman” they were successful not only in Austria but also in Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Funny fact: in 2007 in Vienna, the song “Ba-Ba-bank robbery” was played loudly by a local resident during a bank robbery until the police banned it.


Falco, which is the showbiz name of Johann “Hans” Hölzel, was born in Vienna in the 1950s and is considered to be one of the biggest Austrian musicians of all time. He succeeded to gain the top of the U.S. Billboard charts as the first German musician. The song “Rock Me Amadeus” is still a worldwide hit. But a life under the sun also has its downsides. Falco fell into drugs and alcohol and couldn’t repeat his success with Rock Me Amadeus. His mysterious death is still a mystery.

In 2007, Falco’s life was filmed by the famous Austrian director Thomas Roth – not only for movie and music lovers a must-see!


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